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Residential Hardwood Flooring Installation

At Cherry Carpet & Flooring, we strive to communicate effectively with you to address all the logistical details of your hardwood flooring installation prior to your scheduled installation date. We put an emphasis on time management & promptness for each installation we schedule, and we strongly consider the comfort & convenience of you & your household when planning that schedule. We’re fully capable of setting up partition walls & running HEPA machines if you or your family will be present during installation.

Our hardwood installers are a vital part of our team – courteous craftsmen that take great pride in their work. They bring with them many years of experience, full certification & ever-continual training to assure that the quality of your floors meets or exceeds the standards in our industry. We hope the following information will help you prepare for your professional hardwood installation in Portsmouth, VA (or one of our surrounding communities). Proper preparation can make the entire process go more quickly & efficiently.

We always recommend having a professional installation done to ensure great results that adhere to your product warranty.

Before your hardwood installation

When we finalize your installation date, you’ll choose whichever date is most convenient for you & your household. We’ll then review your job in detail, and you can expect your installers to call & inform you of their arrival time on installation day.

Before your installers arrive, it’s important to prepare the room or rooms where hardwood floors will be installed. Consider the following list, which we’ll review with you in advance:

  • Disconnect and remove all electronics and breakable décor.
  • Clear closet floors in the rooms where new flooring will be installed.
  • Drain and remove any water beds or aquariums.
  • Arrange to have your water or gas appliances disconnected & reconnected as needed
  • Notify our installers of any water lines or wires installed under your existing flooring.
  • Provide our team with adequate power, light, ventilation, and heat before, during, and after your installation.
  • Consider how your existing floors will be removed & disposed of. We can do this work for you if you wish.
  • Remove any cases, moldings, baseboard & trim, and prepare to retouch paint post-installation.
  • Be aware that your doors may not clear the height of your new hardwood & may need to be removed & shaved down by a carpenter.

During and after your installation

Depending on the type of hardwood product you’ve purchased, your installation may be nail-down, staple-down, glue-down, or floating. Regardless of the installation type, all hardwood products need to be acclimated to their new environment for at least four or five days prior to installation.

Be sure to be home on installation day and to keep any children or pets away from the installation area for their safety and that of our installers. We’ll start with a walkthrough & a close inspection of your subfloor for any imperfections. While no floor is perfectly level, the subfloor should be devoid of any noticeable gaps or ridges that could cause problems. Your floor is then cleaned before installation can begin.

Our installers now put down an underlayment directly over your subfloor that allows your hardwood to expand and contract with changes in temperature. It also acts as a sound and moisture barrier. The underlayment is typically rolled out and taped together at the seams. Installers will cut the pieces of underlayment where needed with a precision utility knife to make a perfect fit.

When laying your floors, we’ll leave a space between the flooring and the perimeter walls to allow “breathing room” for your floors to expand or contract. As we lay the planks in your desired pattern, we’ll carefully measure and precisely cut them to fit.

After installation, establish good ventilation in your space for 72 hours, especially if you’re sensitive to dust & odors. From here, it’s up to you to provide proper care & maintenance for your hardwood floors.

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