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How to Clean Hardwood Flooring

Like any floor, time, traffic, stains & spills will take their toll on hardwood. As a natural product, your new hardwood floor requires some specific care and maintenance to help it remain beautiful, age well, and stand the test of time. Learn more about daily care, preventative maintenance, and spill removal from our experts.

Daily hardwood flooring care tips

Protect your floor’s finish with the use of throw rugs in entryways and high traffic areas. Throw rugs will capture abrasive grit that would otherwise get tracked in on the bottoms of shoes & ground into the surface to cause long-term damage. Be sure to avoid using rubber-backed or non-ventilated mats, as these can damage your floor.

To help prevent scratches and dents, use floor protectors on furniture, avoid high heels, and keep all pet nails trimmed. Dents can only be removed by re-sanding your entire floor.

Do not move heavy objects on hardwood without first protecting the surface. The best practice is to move objects using heavy cardboard or wood panels. 

Do not use water to clean the floor. Dust mopping or sweeping with a soft broom are the best methods to remove grit and soil from the floor's finish. A vacuum without a beater bar is also recommended, with attachments for hard-to-reach areas & in between individual planks.

If planning to use a floor cleaner, be sure to ask one of our experts whether it’s safe for your flooring product. Some cleaners can dull your floor’s finish. Never use wax, ammonia cleaners, or oil soaps.

Dealing with spills, stains & damage

As a natural product, hardwood will expand and contract with changes in your floor’s moisture level. Large amounts of water can cause swelling, cracking, or splintering. Minimize water exposure & clean up spills as soon as they happen.

If your floor has severe damage, you can sand & refinish it with a new stain. Keep in mind that all hardwood floors will fade, darken or change shades over time. Exposure to sunlight speeds the process of fading, so use window treatments such as shades or blinds to reduce UV exposure.

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